David Phelps Family Band CD

By Popular Demand!  David Phelps Family Band is David Phelps, Sherri Proctor, Jack Daniels and their friends & loved ones that also love to make music.  After years of singing together on stage they finally found the time to record their first project, capturing the joy in harmonizing together while singing songs they love.  Featuring incredible family harmony and blend on fresh arrangements of songs you know and love plus 6 new songs penned by David!  You won't be able to keep from singing along with them on these songs of faith and life.


CD Studio Audio Recording


  1.  Tennessee

  2. Have a Little Talk with Jesus
  3. Im Gonna Live
  4. Im So Lonesome I Could Cry
  5. Blooming on the Other Side
  6. Sweet Sorrow
  7. He Hideth My Soul
  8. Deliver Me
  9. For Those Tears I Died
  10. Glory Train
  11. Forever and Ever Amen
  12. A Simple Prayer




Executive Producer:  David Phelps
Producer:  David Phelps
Recorded at The Parlor, Tennessee by David Phelps
Additional Overdubs: Jack Daniels at Jack-in-the-Box Studio
Mix Engineer:  Dave Schober
Mastering Engineer: John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering

Keyboard & Piano– Jack Daniels, David Phelps//Guitar– Ilya Toshinsky, Scott Dente//Bass Guitar & Upright Bass– Danny O’Lannerghty//Drums– Greg Ritchie//Violin– Alida Osterlin-Jacobs//Fiddle– Aubry Hainey//Dobro– Jack Daniels//Mandolin– Ilya Toshinsky, Jack Daniels//Octave Mandolin– Ilya Toshinsky//Accordian– Jeff Taylor//Harmonica- Jack Daniels//Banjo--Ilya Toshinsky

The Family Band Choir:
Ted Purtle/Joyce Purtle/Sunny Daniels/Katie Beth Daniels/Emma Ruth Daniels/Jimmy Daniels/Gene Phelps/Mary Ella Phelps/Grayson Proctor/Meagan Proctor/Madison Proctor/Lori Phelps/Callie Phelps/Maggie Beth Phelps/Grant Phelps/Coby Phelps

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