Jesus Is The Treasure Scripture Card Set

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A polka dot paper card sat propped on my desk as a little girl. Handwritten in curly font, I read its words often:
“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” -Matthew 6:21
Often lost in a book, drawing, or play pretend adventure, perhaps this verse captured my attention for an adventure far greater than I could imagine.
Over the years I’ve remembered this Bible verse card and this precious Gospel truth: Jesus is the treasure. He is our guiding light, especially in the navigating new seasons and steps growing up brings.
With a heart set on Jesus, we find that He is the true treasure. He’s the One we’ve been looking for all along. When we treasure Jesus in our hearts above all else, He works is us from the inside out. This treasure does not stay still, no! Jesus is actively working in our hearts, making us more like Him.
Our path begins, moves, and is made complete when our hearts are tethered to His. How? When we spend time in God’s Word, we draw near to His heart. Then, we not only have the capacity to love Him, but to love others too!
Join in and draw your little ones close — let’s treasure Jesus together! This Scripture set includes 20 illustrated Bible verse cards packaged together in a tuck box. The happiest gift, gratefully made in the USA!
20 4x6 inch flat cards with Bible verses
4 bonus treasure pages
Double-sided with cute ladybug pattern
Packaged in tuck box
Illustrations by Ashley Gossett
Printed in Franklin, TN