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GameChanger is an outstanding collection of songs written by David.  

Through this 15-song album, David offers us songs that evoke emotion, challenge our faith, and encourage our souls.

"The project is basically a call for unity," says David.  "It's no accident that the first line of the album is 'This world is upside-down, never thought I'd be around in a time when we could hate and be told it's ok.' And the entire album ends with the lyric, 'And I did it my way, and you did it your way, and we came together and we lived in peace and harmony.'"

With top-notch production and care given to every detail
from the first note to the last, this album is for David the artist what it is for the listener: a GameChanger.


1. I’m Gonna Love

2. Hello Beautiful

3. GameChanger

4. Be My Brother

5. Give It Time

6. It Was Water

7. Fix Myself



8. Eye To Eye (Duet with Grant Phelps)

9. If I Forgive

10. Love On The Horizon

11. Last Night On Earth

12. Eventual Healing

13. I Remember What We Thought Love Was

14. Song For Sinners

15. Harmony


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