Santa Claus Get Well Soon — Children's Book with CD

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Santa Claus Get Well Soon is David's first children's book based on his beloved song by the same title.  First recorded on his live DVD, A Christmas with David Phelps, it has become a favorite moment on his annual Christmas tour.

Follow the outrageous story as Santa breaks his leg and gets the Easter Bunny to take his place delivering presents, only to discover it has all been a well-planned conspiracy to take over Christmas.  It's a must-read to find out the fate of Christmas.

The 30 page, fully illustrated, hardback book comes with a new studio recording CD of the song.  Read with your child or let them follow along with the recording.  It's sure to get the whole family into the holiday spirit!


  • Written by David Phelps
  • Illustrated by Melissa Fischer
  • CD recording of the song included on the inside cover.
  • Hardback
  • Vivid Full-Color Illustrations