I'm Giddy Over Our New Christmas Collection!
October 04, 2017

I'm Giddy Over Our New Christmas Collection!

Hope you are loving the new lovelies we are bringing your way.   It's been all things Christmas here in our office for weeks now and I am over the moon excited for you to see the great items we are creating for you here at Barn and Bale!   You will soon be able to purchase this year's limited edition Christmas ornament, new handmade Christmas decor and so much more.  My favorite item is very dear to my heart as it has been in the works for years and we are finally getting a chance to bring it to you!  David's original song,  Santa Claus, Get Well Soon  will be coming to you in book form!  We have teamed up with artist, Melissa Fisher, to bring you a beautifully whimsical  and delightful hardback book.  You will definitely want to add this to your library at home!  

Grace and Peace and Blessings Abundant~



PS... You want to head over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/ruthonesixteen?ref=l2-shopheader-name and check out some of Melissa's amazing art!  You might also recognize her work from our Animal Band Collection.  She is fabulous!!!!